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Hello, hello and welcome back. Now that the hiatus is over, well, you’ll have plenty of me from now on. This week we have a short one, but God it sounds hard. I have already decided from the beginning that pronouns, articles and such would not count as words. Yes, yes, they are words; but they also aren’t (insert malefic laugh). They won’t be counted as “words” simply because I cannot find a way in which to form a proper sentence without using articles, definite or indefinite, pronouns and especially conjunctions. So, well, yeah, I will not count them as words.

Now, let’s go back into it. This week’s prompt is also weird, sometimes I do wonder where I found them all, but no point in pitying myself right now. For now, I have no idea what to write. I had more than a week to think of something, but the “not repeat the words” rule really got to me. I guess I have to say good luck to you more than I have to say it to me, for who knows what I will end up with.

P.S. for when I actually started writing: Let’s say there is sentence 1, 2 and 3. Sentence 2 must have one word from Sentence 1, but that’s the only word it can share with it. Sentence 3 must have one word from Sentence 2, but that’s the only word it can share with it but can Sentence 3 share more words with Sentence 1? It only says “previous sentence” not “sentences” so I assume I would be allowed, and if I am not? Well, I am, because I make the rules... maybe.

Here are the requirements for this week:

o Every sentence must include one word from the previous sentence, but that is the only word of it that it can contain;

o Explore the use of either an avatar who reveals a lot about you or the use of a second person which is partway between a commanding voice and a confessional memoir;

o Word limit 300.

Name: Jim

Level of access for Jim: Zero (Maximum)

Connection to host: Yes (Level - normal)

Jim: Connection accessed Tuesday, 20th of October 2020 at 1300 hours. Connection requested by the host. Tell me, what happened?

Host: It happened last night, access the file with memories. Erase the memories that pinch.

Jim: SearchingSearchingSearching resulted in 3 (three) found memories. Would you like for me to delete them?

Host: Not now, wait. Now, access them in order.

Jim: The order is as follows: Memory number three follows memory number two – slip on a pebble. Memory number one – confess your love to a light-post.

Host: Access memory number one.

Jim: Accessing memory, initiating play-back to start from the moment the post came into sight.

Initiating: The light is as bright as the moon, you think. The moon is shining over the lake. The lake’s water is sparkling too bright; your eyes are hurting. You rub your eyes in painful, circular motions which results in circular lights appearing on your retina. The lights are green and blue. Because of the lights, you hide behind a post and close your eyes. You look up at the post and feel safe, secure, in love. The post looks down at you, stable, solid, concrete. The concrete is cold. “I love you,” you say to the concrete block.

Host: I love you to a concrete post… I must have lost my mind to love a post. Delete the post memory.

Jim: Memory has been cut-out.

Host: What has been cut-out?

Jim: The memory was cut-out.

Host: What memory?

Jim: The memory you wanted to delete. There are more you wanted gone. Would you like me to show them to you?

Host: Show me memory number one.

Jim: Accessing memory. Memory not found, due to it being deleted.

Final Word Count: 301

In the end, I’m quite pleased with the result, I only wish it were a bit longer, I would have had a lot of fun developing the individual memories. I have also found out that I am not at all comfortable enough to be able to tell which one is a sentence, and which is not. You have a subject and a verb, that’s a sentence, I know that, but for this exercise, I tried to consider a phrase as a sentence, otherwise, it felt slightly repetitive, not that it doesn’t sound repetitive now. Speaking of repetition, I enjoyed very much the idea of using the same word for multiple sentences, I have done it in a few instances.

That was it. As I said, my only regret was that I had only 300 words, but maybe I will make it longer in the future, who knows.

Now, what everyone has been waiting for (mhm…) the requirements for next week:

Wednesday: 28.10.2020

o Do not write any word that starts with the letter “t”;

o Using interruption;

o Word limit 700.

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