April 12th

Updated: Apr 22

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

April 12th is for most of the world Easter Day, so I would like to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy Easter, for the rest of us, the week will pass fast, don’t worry, and for those who don’t celebrate it at all, well, enjoy a normal day!

Knowing today is Easter, the prompt came to no surprise, A Spirit Poem, and it should be easy to understand why that is, but I am not a very religious person, so I will try and steer clear of the certain connotations implied.

What follows, is my attempt at writing a Spirit Poem, my way.

It hits as fast as a thought.

At first, you let it settle down,

embracing the power and the feathery touch.

You like the way it feels, and soon,

you wish for more.

The more you have the better it gets, as

high as the sky and light, you become.

It hit as fast as a thought,

and the numbness settled down.

You had it all and let it go

for your fingers could not grasp.

It soon went with all your life

your memories, your thoughts

and now you are just a soul

in the darkness of the world.

Well now, this is my poem for today. I wouldn’t say it has anything special about the structure, and the idea behind it is better left unexplained, like one of my friends, who’s a poet, usually says, “Once you explain a poem, it loses its magic.” I’ll go by this today, and let you all guess what the poem says.

Hope you liked it and see you tomorrow!

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