April 14th

Updated: Apr 22

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Day 14. I simply cannot believe how slow this month has passed, and I say it in a happy, positive way.

Today’s prompt give us loads of other prompts, a hundred to be exact because he is challenging us to write a Form Poem, giving us a hundred poetic forms, be sure to check out this link:

I have chosen The Blitz form, because I find it similar to a pantoum, and I am experimenting with that structure at the moment. I have to admit, it sounds a bit hard, especially because I am not good at maths, but I shall try my best!

He got lost

He went away

Away in the distance

Away in the sun

Sun on the sky

Sun as the God

God of the world

God of the dead

Dead shadows collide

Dead angels forget

Forget about us

Forget about them

Them is imprisoned

Them is her name

Name of a queen

Name of a saint

Saint who was killed

Saint of despair

Despair of the people

Despair of the mind

Mind of the ants

Mind of the crabs

Crabs on the beach

Crabs in the sea

Sea of memories

Sea of thoughts

Thoughts of her passion

Thoughts of her children

Children who are gone

Children of Earth

Earth is a kingdom

Earth is her home

Home of her childhood

Home of her mother

Mother of the shadows

Mother of them all

All are forgotten

All in despair

Despair grows closer

Despair is the game

Game of the angels

Game of the saints

Saints who killed

Saints who were killed

Killed by us

And killed by them

Them is imprisoned

Them is her name



This was the most fun I’ve had in ages, especially because I’ve tried, as much as possible to repeat ideas and lines, as I usually do. It was interesting to see it all come back and connect in ways I thought was impossible, I guess the form helped with that.

Hope you enjoyed this one and see you tomorrow!

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