April 16th

Updated: Apr 22

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Sixteenth of April and today’s challenge is another “replace the blank” one, “The Last blank” to be exact. As always, my creativity got the best of me, so I was forced to bring back this lovely site:

I tried to do it properly this time, and only randomise it once, but I couldn’t think of anything worth writing for “The Last Meat”, so five times it is, with the stunning result of, pam pam pam: “The Last Nature”, better, I can work with this.


Let’s see.

The Last Nature

You waited in line with everything else.

For a chance of retrieval.

Long ago you have lost it,

so long ago, you have almost forgotten.

It was then you last sang.

Then you took your last breath.

And ever since you tried to recover,

what you once had.

“Why?” you kept asking.

The silent walls of despair.

“Why do I need it? Why do I want it?

Why so precious and still forget?”

You waited in line with everything else

For all they had, and you missed.

You waited for a chance of freedom,

for a moment of rest.

I feel like I took the title (notice I have it, please) a little too literal. Maybe because of the way I was brought up, in my mind there can only be one last nature, and that is death.

But as a touch of optimism, no one says that death is a painful after-existence, and I’ve always thought it was a good, well-deserved rest.

Hope you liked this one and I will see you tomorrow.

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