April 19th

Updated: Apr 22

Photo by Toby Wong on Unsplash

Happy Easter for those of us who patiently waited for another week! Hope everyone had a nice Easter, I spent mine shamelessly playing games. I know how to be very lazy.

Now, today’s prompt makes us use six pre-defined words in a single poem, the words are as follows: bump, embrace, fixture, howl, lonely, resolve. We are not given a certain order though, so we're free to arrange it as we sit fit.

Here goes nothing!

I bumped into the lonely figure,

Dancing slowly on the moonlight rhythm.

He stopped and turned around,

as fast as the Earth turns around the sun,

“Why do you bother me, young one?”

He howled at me, gently moving forward.

I stopped and froze at his sight,

Big as a mountain, fast as the wind.

Was there inside my mind a reason

good enough to bother him?

“There is a matter, urgent one,” I hurry up and say.

But slowly he bent down and embraced my frail bones.

I could feel myself getting lifted, higher

and higher,

until the stars were reached, only then he stopped.

He put me down on the fixture of the moon

as if a feather fell on my head.

A reason, no reason, my mind had a resolve

Never bother a giant when he is at his worst.

This is it for today, I shall keep it nice and simple, for I need to go back at spending Easter.

Hope you liked this one, I shall see you again tomorrow!

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