April 1st

Updated: Apr 22

April first is here and so is Robert's first prompt: A New World Poem.


Now, I might have said I am not a poet, but I have studied poetry. I still had no idea what a New World Poem was.

I had a slight idea judging by his poem's form and structure, but I can't start my blog based on a guess, so I shamelessly messaged my University teacher, the greatest authority I know when it comes to poetry. This is what I've been told: "Mina, it either means a poem about the New World, or about a new world."

Yes, let that sink in for a second. I messaged my University teacher with this problem. Yup...yup.. Okay... that's enough.

While I am not a massive fan of the New World, I am indeed a fan of creating new worlds (come on, I can't be the only one confused about this one, right?), so here you go, my take on a new world poem:

An empty cry

Along the shore, a stone cub cried.

The sun had melted, his parents, his brothers and a few green plants.

It watched the sea and cried in vain,

for the huge cool wave to come.

It's spend its time along the shore,

from time to time looking at the sun,

"Oh mighty Sun, you God of mine,

How come I'm still alive?"

The sun looked back, but never replied

and the cub soon forgot

about his parents, his brothers and the few green plants

He was the cub of the sun.

In due time, the wave came back

remembering the cries of old,

it offered protection for just a pebble

but the cub told it to move along.

Along the shore, a stone cub cried.

It once believed in its mighty life.

It now stood, melting away

inside the cool sea wave.

Granted, it is not necessarily a new world. I know, I know, I didn't actually respect the prompt, but how many times do you hear a stone cub cry? Not many, I can vouch for that.

In all seriousness, I think the purpose of this challenge is mostly writing a poem a day, and that I did.

What a great start!

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