April 20th

Updated: Apr 22

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

The twentieth day of April, with only ten days to go. Today’s prompt is a much-expected one. I was wondering why it hasn’t appeared till now: An Isolation Poem. Now, we have a choice of connecting it to the current world-state, or not, depending on each of our views and desires.

This is what I wrote concerning An Isolation Poem.

Sometimes, the tremble of your feelings

moves you in a corner of your mind.

Far away from the distant world,

for a long and uninterrupted time.

You know why you ended up there

but wished it would not be.

Yet your heart crumbles and brakes

in little pieces of burning paper.

The ashes of the heart silently

fall onto your palms.

Still, the pieces are far gone

and you cannot build it back.

Sometimes, the pieces do grow back,

and you are ready to return.

Then and only then, the world

seems happy and content.

I feel that isolating is very important. Not necessarily because it can contaminate the population, as it happens nowadays, but because the mind of the humans is frail. It requires a lot of attention and care.

So, this is a poem about isolating oneself from the world, in an attempt to repair what the world has broken.

Hope you liked this one, I shall see you again tomorrow!

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