April 21st

Updated: Apr 22

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Today’s prompt is a Love Poem. Love! And trust me, that is not an exciting exclamation mark, because I am not at all romantic, just ask my husband. It simply passes me, and I with a dense will ask, “What was that?”

The only time I tried to write a romantic relationship, my brother told me that she appeared to be his servant, so I guess something must be wrong with my mind when it comes to romance. That is why, I was happy to see that I can also write An Anti-Love Poem, for people like me, who are simply to far gone to be saved.

Love is like a flower.

With enough water and sun,

it will grow strong and beautiful.

Bright colours, pleasant smell.

Love is like a flower.

Forget about it and it dries,

going brown and the maggots

will slowly eat away the rotten leaves.

Love is like a dance.

Prepare it well and no ballroom

will ever say no, to the gracious

movements made by the two of you.

Love is like a dance.

Jump into it with no idea of the steps,

and no amount of knowledge and will,

Will ever fixed the broken legs.

Yeah…I am not a romantic. It took me a whole hour to write that one and it’s sh… horrible. Utter garbage, but then again, love can indeed be garbage.

I will not ask if you enjoyed this one, I only hope you’ll come back tomorrow.

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