April 22nd

Photo by Meriç Dağlı on Unsplash

Today I spent my day writing, I wrote so much and so many different things I completely forgot about my fun, little challenge. It would have been a shame, for it’s the first time I respect a schedule for so long.

Now, today’s prompt is A Quirk Poem, where a poem has a quirk, or maybe not, we shall see.

Hundreds of years ago,

or maybe hours,

he was made to stand guard,

or maybe dance.

In front of the gate of life

where one was to protect,

or maybe it was the gate of Hell

where one was to collect.

One stood there, a statue of stone,

looking through the eyes of

whoever passed by.

Was he maybe supposed to stop them?

Was he to look ever back?

His mind once knew the answers,

but that was long ago when he was young.

Once, he was asked if he ever minded

this lack of knowledge that he had.

“No,” he proudly answered back.

“You see, this forgetfulness that I have,

Is but a quirk of mine.”

I feel most annoying things can become excusable if one says it’s a quirk and that is, well, annoying.

I have to admit, although no excuse can save me, the lack of time might have affected this one. Just a tad bit, but I’ll make up for it.

Hope you liked it nevertheless and see you all tomorrow!

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