April 23rd

Photo by Valentin Rechitean on Unsplash

Another ‘blank’ poem incoming! I repeat, another ‘blank’ poem incoming!

And how much fun this one sounds, A “Social [blank],” where, blank is to be replaced by whatever we see fit. Alas, I always have a problem choosing a suitable word, so I randomised it yet again. Old habits die hard I suppose.

Using this handy little site:, my [blank] word ended up being Library. So, I am to write A Social Library poem, here goes my creativity:

Social Library

Where one goes to pick up pages

of other people’s lives.

And stories after stories are lost,

in between the shelves and

underneath the bookcases.

The library of truths that

are forever hidden.

Where one can but go inside

and learn the answers he most desires,

to the questions rotting his mind.

But the library is far away,

and dark, and cold,

and no one likes to venture.

So, all that belongs to the people

of the world lays abandoned.

For comfort is better,

than a stone-cold truth.

I saw the name, and I had this vision of an ancient library that holds the answer to everything, and I mean everything. Where is the MP4 that I have lost when I was a child? How many times have I greeted someone till now? Would I have had a chance to win that competition if I were but a bit more careful?

I’ve always wanted such a place, mainly because I am extremely curious where my MP4’s at, and I finally found a chance to create this place in writing.

Hope you enjoyed today’s poem, and I shall see you all tomorrow!

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