April 25th

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Today’s prompt is a Remix poem, and please allow me to quote what it actually means “take one (or more) of your poems from earlier this month and remix it. Make a free verse poem into a villanelle. Or condense a sestina into a haiku or senryu. Or forget form. Just completely jumble up the words…or respond to the original poem(s).” I could have tried to jumble up his words, but I decided to just take the prompt as is.

Now, he said to pick one or two, so I just randomised it (as usual) and picked two of them, the April 13th poem and April the 8th (this is when I realised, titles would have been a good idea). Which is one of the worst poems I’ve written and one that I like a lot, respectively. Surprisingly though, they do kind of work together.

I know I am maybe to give you links to the poems, but I’m a lazy person, and I like assuming that everyone is, otherwise, I feel bad (respect if you are not), so I decided to put the poems here, so you don’t have to look them up.

April 13th

Sometimes, there’s no need to run

and dance, and hurry from place to place,

jumping from thought to thought, and

time to time.

Sometimes, we only just need a second of slow

motions, to spring us forward to a better time,

unlike one we’ve had, before

one that’s new and nice.

April 8th

It is said that we only move forward with a step

So, we drag our feet on the cold pavement until blisters appear.

The pain brings us down a notch, making us crawl in despair

using our arms as shovels and our teeth as knives.

It is said that one thought can be our spring into the future,

but the spring we have is rusted and only pushes us down.

Then, we will use our saliva to lubricate, and our bones to shape it back in form.

This is what it feels like when the present chains you

And the future looks so far.

So, here goes nothing, for today’s Remix Poem:

Sometimes there’s no need to run

and hurry until blisters appear.

The pain that jumps from thought

to thought brings us down a notch.

The rusted seconds of slow-motion

chain us to the future.

Sometimes, jumping from place to place

makes us crawl in despair.

And what’s new and nice, always

Looks so far.

My main idea was to basically create a collage of lines. I tried to change nothing, as much as possible, just take the lines as they were and rearrange them to change the meaning, well a bit. You know me, I can’t steer clear of this depressing tone.

I hope you liked this one, and I shall see you all tomorrow!

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