April 27th

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Today’s prompt is surprising, for me at least. “Write a Massive Poem.” Describing either massive problems or writing an actual massive poem in length.

I think it’s surprising because it goes against the only two “rule” I set for myself.

Do not write very long pieces.

Do not write about massive subjects.

And I have really tried my best to respect my rules, no real purpose in mind, obviously. But now. Now I am not only allowed to break them, but I am also required to do so.

Life is good sometimes.

No, the time will not spin

around a fictional sun.

Unless the sun itself

has planets and moons,

which when their time is high

spin around the axe.

No, a book will not open

for an ungrateful reader.

Unless the reader itself

has thoughts and ideas,

which, in time will

evolve into the world

No, the bird will not fly

Into the storm clouds.

Unless the storm itself

if formed of thunder and lightning,

which, when their time comes

will dance around the rain.

No, the rain will not fall

onto the broken ground.

Unless the ground itself

is hit by lightning and thunder,

which, when their time comes

will scare the bird inside the cloud.

No, the evolution will not

appear on pages written in black.

Unless the author himself

developed thoughts and ideas,

which, in time will

multiply into a golden book.

No, the axe will not

function for the universe.

Unless the universe itself

has planets and moons,

which when their time is high

slowly spin to form the time.

This has been by far, and I mean it, the hardest poem I’ve ever written. And that is only because I have a tendency to make things hard for myself.

I decided at the beginning of this challenge that the structure of the poem will be the “massive” element of my poem. To make things even better, I decided to create my own structure. And that’s where my problems began. I am not good at maths.

I actually had to put the stanzas side by side and highlight, what I was supposed to put in which lines. That is bad for my confidence.

In the end, I can’t even look at this poem long enough to understand if it works, my brain hurts.

I hope you enjoyed this one, and I shall see you tomorrow!

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