April 28th

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Day twenty-eight of our challenge, and to be fair, I think this prompt should have, maybe, been the last.

Today’s prompt is, again a double one, “A Look Back Poem,” or “A Not Look Back Poem,” depending what kind of person you are, whatever that is supposed to mean.

Ok. I get, I do. It depends on whether you dwell upon the past or not, but can one actually be just one? I feel that I have plenty of days when I only think about the past and days where it’s insanely easy to say “whatever.” Maybe that’s just me.

They say time is relative.

And for lack of understanding,

I say that’s right, but me in my

simple mind tries to think of

time as past and future, for

the present is a mixture of

both, which I simply could not grasp.

Sometimes, the instinct, or maybe

a selfish, egotistical desire appears

in a corner of my mind, and yells

and yells, until I give up, and tell it

to shut up, by looking at my past,

and feeling all the actions, slowly

crawling on my neck, and legs, before

they settle down at the base of my back

in a puddle of sweat.

Other times, the more positive part of me

laughs at my worries, and struggles

and tells me to dream about a future

with long-awaited accomplishments.

Where nothing is wrong and everything I’ve

ever done is exactly what I was supposed to do.

Now, this petty mind of mine will stop

at times, and realise that the past is long gone

and hard to change; the future is far

away, in the shape of a distant life.

So, for now, I shall look in a mirror and

grasp my present form; maybe if I do

this, I’ll learn how to shape it as to not

be affected by Time.

Here you go. Because I don’t know what else to think about “A Look Back Poem.”

Today I have also realised one thing though; not every idea deserves or knows how to ask for a good for, so I’ll have to be content with this.

Hope you enjoyed it, and I shall see you all tomorrow!

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