April 29th

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I have to admit, out of every prompt we had the past month, the [blank] ones were my favourite. Which made me happy to read that today’s is another one.

“Total [blank]” is today’s prompt, where [blank] is to be replaced by another word, and the result is to become the poem’s title.

As usual, and I hope it does not come as a surprise, this little site came in and in the end, this is the title of my poem Total Patience, ironic given the fact that I am not at all a patient person. Not at all.

Total Patience

The seconds drop from the clock

Just like the water of a waterfall.

Every drip falling into the past, where

the old man will bend his back, and

collect them all, one by one,

and forge from them into a minute

to send into the future.

The old man, as old as time,

has never missed a second,

has forged all the minutes

and will die at the end of time,

known as Patience.

This was indeed the hardest poem I’ve written. Nothing came to mind, maybe because I can’t even imagine patience, what is it?

All jokes aside, we only have one more poem of this challenge, and I hoped the second to last one would have been a bit… special, but I guess you can’t force the muses to come.

Hope you enjoyed this one, and I shall see you tomorrow!

A bit sad that it is the last time I’ll write this.

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