April 2nd

Updated: Apr 22

Second day, second poem and today's prompt is... drum rolls... Space Poem!

I have to admit I got so excited, insanely excited. I love Space anything. I am a massive fan of Science-Fiction, most of everything I write is in that genre, so you can imagine my feelings. For the first second that is, until my mind realised I have to write poetry, not prose.

"That is hard," I thought, so I scrolled to see what he wrote. No cheating here, I swear!

To my surprise (and relief) his poem was not about the Space, but about space, as in a space between something, someone or anything in between. A space. "That is easier," I thought.

And here is my take on a Space Poem:

Empty no more

The space above our head trembled in anticipation,

while you and I fought our way back.

Back to the joy of being and back to the life we had.

It took a second and some shards of time to realise

the space we had was empty, and a blank.

You looked at me and I at you,

and instantly we put it all back.

The bed we had, a memory we lost.

A laughter, a cry, a yell, and the hug.

We threw them out at the space above

Filling it up once and for all.

I plan on explaining a few of my decisions about formatting and structure from now on. This is a writer's blog at the end of the day, making decisions about writing is all that matters, and it should be a public joy. But before that, I have to say something.

The second day taught me something: first of all, picking up titles is harder than writing the poem itself. Second, the poem doesn't have to be that long, I'll try and make them shorter (emphasis on try).

Now, for explaining the structure, I only had one, just one decision that I made and I find important. There is no space between the lines. No stanza separation. I thought it would be quite funny, especially for me, someone who always has well-spaced stanzas.

Oh, there's another one. I tend to write sad and dramatic pieces, be them prose or poetry. I felt like I needed to start giving happy endings, so that's the best I could do about that.

Hope you liked it, see you tomorrow.

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