April 3rd

Updated: Apr 22

Photo by Maxime Gilbert on Unsplash

Hello, hello and welcome to day three of the April Challenge. I have to admit this is the first time I followed through to day three myself, so hopefully, this is a good sign.

Today’s prompt is “Follow [blank]” (see what I did there?), where [blank] can be whatever you want, and the end result must be the title of the poem. I am not a creative person, so I found this handy little site:

I must admit I didn’t like the first word, “mirror,” so I decided to randomise it a few more times and pick the fifth one. In retrospect, I should have stopped at the first one, for the fifth word was “thing.”

Now, I am stuck with writing a Follow Thing poem. Here we go:

Follow Thing

through the darkness of the night

into the glimpse of stones

at the end of


No time to rush our lives,

thinking forever will never pass.

No time to dance the rhythm

Imposed by our bodies and minds.

The thing will come a moment too soon

The thing that holds our hope

by a string of fate,

tied to the waves

of thought.

I made a Bumblebee! Do you see it? No? Well, I tried my best.

Now, as promised, the last section is dedicated to analysing, and I shall do just that.

To be fair, Follow Thing is a hard concept. I mean, is it a thing that follows you, or a thing that will follow an event? No matter what that thing is, I made sure to incorporate the title into the poem, making the title the first line.

For if the “thing” follows you, no matter what it is, I feel that the “you” will lose control, and I personally like to be in control, so “you” follow [the] thing through the darkness.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the form. I made a Bumblebee on purpose, or you know, I tried to make one. I finish the poem with “thought.” I’ve always imagined the thoughts to have some sort of a buzzing sound to them. Buzzing like a bumblebee.

Well now, I hoped you enjoyed this one, just as much as I did. I shall see you tomorrow!

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