April 5th

Updated: Apr 22

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Another day, another prompt, and the prompt for April the fifth is: A Moment. Today’s is just up my alley, for I consider "time" to be one of my favourite themes. No matter what I do, I never seem to stay away from it always managing to sneak it in almost every piece I’m writing. To my defence, it is such an interesting subject. One can write about time for an eternity and will maybe never even come close to grasping everything that Time is.

By his [Robert’s] sayings, the prompt refers to any kind of a moment, real, past, fiction, future. Any sort of moment and I plan on doing just that.

Without further ado, here is my take on A Moment poem:

Hit by hit, the rock falls apart.

Hit by hit sculpting the life

into the mountain and onto the trees

bringing the birds in flight closer to earth

and the broken valley of dust.

Gently he blows the souls away,

blown by the winds into the house of Time.

“Away with you, the child of mine,

Away until it comes your time to come through.”

It took me ages to write this one. I think I suffered from a mild case of the writer’s block disease. Took a bit of pacing up and down and some chocolate to bring my mind back to normal, but this is a normal happening in the life of a writer, and the purpose of this blog is to bring all those challenges to the surface.

I don’t really know why this prompt proved to be so difficult, considering how much I love the theme, but it was, and the result is maybe shorter than I would have wanted it to be.

Having said that, I still hope you enjoyed this one, for now, when it is all done and over, I sure do like it. See you tomorrow and have fun!

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