April 6th

Updated: Apr 22

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Day six of our April Challenge and I was afraid I wouldn’t make it in time. Mainly because I forgot. But I did remember, and here I am, ready to write another poem.

Today’s prompt is: A Trap. Any kind of trap your mind can imagine, it seems. Quite an interesting subject and my mind are already racing, trying to find a good enough idea. Here is my take on A Trap poem:


The sudden realisation of your presence made the others halt.

They looked down and bend their necks

closer to the ground.

“It can't be,” one of them mocked.

“It is indeed, will always be,”

you whispered to their hearts.

Took them long thoughts and wasted time

to look at you again and nod.

They picked their legs and forced them to walk

as far away from you as possible.

Into the woods and over the mountain,

only then, they stopped.

A moment later you hear one talk

“It can't be,” he mocked.

I really enjoy personifications. Especially when it’s very vague concepts or even things, so I decided to personify the trap. Although, when I finished it, my mind couldn’t help but wonder what kind of a trap could be so terrifying and so unreal for the men to both run away and mock it. I guess we shall let our imagination find the answer to this one.

Hope you enjoyed my short poem and see you all tomorrow!

By the way, the title is back. Maybe now you'll understand why I "forget" to name my poems.

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