April 7th

Updated: Apr 22

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Another day, another prompt and today took me a bit by surprise, because we not only have a prompt but two of them! "Lucky" and “Unlucky" is today's theme, and he [Robert] said we should feel free to use them as we see fit. Write one poem, combine them or whatever else we

can find.

I consider myself to be a very lucky person, but I've never thought of being lucky or, on the other hand,

unlucky, can be considered a writing idea, I stand corrected, so here is what I wrote today:

As fate decided long ago,

one was square, and one was round.

One could roll and one could stand.

As fate decided long ago,

the square became a table.

The round rolled slowly in the sea.

As fate decided long ago,

the table broke with age.

The round just stayed the same.

Today, I rediscovered the joy of handwriting, which made me think that sometimes, only sometimes, simple, as in not complex, is the best.

I decided for today's poem to bring back the repetition I so much love. It creates patterns of structure which always make me feel good. I hope it works this time.

As for the idea, I wanted to play around with "being lucky/unlucky is relative" principle that

I hold. Maybe at first, one thought the square is lucky for staying at the surface, but in time it

broke, while the round, stayed the same, even if it initially sank.

I guess today's poem has a moral, who knows what the future might bring.

I hope you enjoyed this poem, or at least notice the missing title, and see you tomorrow.

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