April 8th

Updated: Apr 22

Photo by Kaley Dykstra on Unsplash

The eighth day of the April Challenge, and here is the eighth prompt: A future Poem, as in a poem about the future.

I was saying a few days back, that the prompts are getting more and more abstract, today is the perfect example. But future means time, no matter whose future we are talking about, so I should be good at writing a Future Poem, right?

It is said that we only move forward with a step

So, we drag our feet on the cold pavement until blisters appear.

The pain brings us down a notch, making us crawl in despair

using our arms as shovels and our teeth as knives.

It is said that one thought can be our spring into the future,

but the spring we have is rusted and only pushes us down.

Then, we will use our saliva to lubricate, and our bones to shape it back in form.

This is what it feels like when the present chains you

And the future looks so far.

Well now, I admit, it looks like quite a gloom poem, I know. But is it really? Is it? Maybe just a touch.

This is how I usually write. If I am to say, this poem is closer to my style than all of the past poems combined. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I tried going down the happy and blissful road and it’s quite boring. Saying that I do believe it still has a hint of positivism, but maybe it’s just me.

I hope you liked this one, and see you again tomorrow!

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