April 9th

Updated: Apr 22

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Day nine of the poem challenge, and today, I dare say, is quite an interesting prompt: An ekphrastic (ek·​phra·​sis) poem. Which, by definition, means a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art. I've done a few in the past years, and I have to say I enjoy the process a lot. Mainly because I have to add my art to another's.

To help us out, Robert gave 5 pictures from which we could choose, I picked the one that you see above, with the mention that I gave up a picture of an hourglass. The way this picture was lighted really captured my attention.

Here is what I wrote today, based on the picture provided.

It must have been decided long ago,

when Time was just an infant,

and the world was still to collide,

that he who spends his time alone,

will one day return.

Through the shadows of our minds,

in between the corners of our worlds.

We are to hide and run and run some more.

But he will always be there,



The God of all.

I know the picture is far from representing God, or, you know a God, but to be fair, who knows for sure how God can be represented? Plus, I really like the idea of an infant Time, maybe missing a few seconds, or simply going backwards. A falling Time.

Hope you liked this one, and see you again tomorrow!

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