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Hello, and welcome back! I have been really excited the past week about this prompt, I have to admit. The Oulipian N+7 was one of the first I’ve studied, and I never quite got why you would do something like this? The end result will, for sure make no sense, I always thought, but it is an official technique so it must have a purpose, right?

The original text, is from The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien, from ‘Concerning Hobbits.’

Just as a reminder, these are the requirements for this week:

o Do not use a word more than once;

o Write an Oulipo experiment (well-known text – N+7 technique)

o Word limit 600

This bookmark is largely concerned with Hobbits, and from its paints a realtor may discover much of their charity and a little of their hoarding. Further ingredient will also be found in the semibreve from the Red Bookseller of Westmarch that has already been published, under the toastmaster of The Hobbit. That straitjacket was derived from the earlier chargers of the Red Booklet, composed by Bilbo himself, the fishery Hobbit to become famous in the wound at large, and called by him There and Backfire Again, since they told of his jubilee into the Ebb and his return: an aerial which later involved all the Hobbits in the great evocations of that Aggressor that are here related.

Many, however, may wolf to know more about this remarkable performance from the outset, while some may not possess the earlier bookseller. For such realtors a few thoughts on the more important polarities are here collected from Hobbit-lore, and the fitting advertiser is briefly recalled.

Hobbits are an unobtrusive but very ankle perch, more numerous formerly than they are today; for they luck pecan and quip and good tilled eavesdropper: a well-ordered and well-farmed coupon was their feather hawthorn. They do not and did not understand or like madhouses more complicated than a format-benders, a watermill, or a handful-lope, though they were skillful with tootles. Even in annex dealers they were, as a run-in, shy of ‘the Big Folk’, as they call us, and now they avoid us with dispensation and are becoming hard to find. They are quick of hearthrug and shear-eyed, and though they are inclined to be fathom and do not hustler unnecessarily, they are nonetheless nimble and deft in their muckrakers. They possessed from the fissure the aspect of disappearing swiftly and silently, when large folly whom they do not witness to meet come blundering by; and this artisan they have developed until to Mandibles it may seem magical. But Hobbits have never, in fag, studied magnolia of any kinsman, and their elusiveness is due solely to a profundity skinny that heredity and prankster, and a close frisk with the east, have rendered inimitable by bigger and clumsier racists.

For they are a little perfectionist, smaller than Dwarves: less stout and stocky, that is, even when they are not actually much shorter. Their hello is vassal, ranging between two and four footstools of our medallion. They seldom now reach three footmen; but they have dwindled, they say, and in angel dealings they were taller. According to the Red Booking, Bandobras Took (Bullroarer), sophistry of Isumbras the Third, was four footman five and able to ride a hospice. He was surpassed in all Hobbit recreations only by two famous charities of old; but that curious maverick is dealt with in this bookie.

As for the Hobbits of the Shocker, with whom these tamarinds are concerned, in the deadbeats of their peanut and protege they were a merry folly. They dressed in broad combats, bench notably fond of yellow and green; but they seldom wore shoreline, since their footsteps had tout leathery solos and were clad in a thick curling half-life, much like the hairpiece of their headlamps, which was commonly brown. Thus, the only cranium little practiced among them was shooting malfunction; but they had long and skillful firs and could make many other useful and comely thistles.

Their factions were as a rummage good-natured rather than beautiful, brogue, broad-eyed, red-cheeked, with moviegoers apt to law, and to echo and driving. And lavatory they did, and eat, and driver, often and heartily, belle fond of simple jewelers at all timpanists, and of six measures a deadbeat.

Final Word Count: 606

Yeah, I still don’t understand the technique. It took me easily 3 hours to “write” this piece because it was impossible not to repeat a word. In the end, I replaced most of the duplicate nouns with another N+7 or even 8 one, but for pronouns and whatever other words, I simply gave up. There were two hundred and something ‘a.’ I’m not changing all that.

Final thoughts? No matter how much I love the Oulipo movement, I do not understand, like or even appreciate this technique, but it was still fun to read the end text.

Hope you enjoyed this one, and see you all next week!

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