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I am back! After a few months of hiatus, I can finally say that I am back and ready to roll. The first prompt back proved to be harder than I remembered, but maybe it was only because I was out of shape. In the end, I had so much fun writing, and I hope you will enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Just as a reminder, these are the requirements for this week:

o Start every sentence with the next letter of the alphabet;

o Write a conversation in searches between you and your search engine;

o Word limit 800.

Are stars for sale?

But not official! Curiously, stars are now available to buy, but no official name can be purchased, for no one shall have a right to be the sole owner of a star.

Do I become the sole owner of a star?

Easy tips and loans for sole traders.

Further information sole-traders?

Groundwork necessary for sole-traders…=>

Having employees as a sole trader… =>

Is having your own business a good choice for you and your happiness… =>

Just whats happiness

Knitting as a means of meditation. Learn to knit, learn to meditate, learn to be happy.

My happiness is important?

No one should suffer alone.

Only you can make yourself happy by being yourself and trying new stuff.

Possible newhobbies

Quilling is easy, cheap, and most importantly fun! Ready yourself to discover a cool new art, the art of quilling, which…=>

Starting kit for quilling price

Top ten things you need to start quilling right now!

Upgrade your bikes wheels

Vain things to do to your bike – upgrade the wheels. Weight is the first thing a biker should look at when thinking their bike needs upgrading.

Xcan I lose weight and still eat what I want?

You should never stop eating what you like best, just watch your calories intake and exercise the proper amount.

Zero calories foods

Available food that contains almost zero calories, which you can find in your favourite store… =>

Buy healthy, live healthy… =>

Chocolate healthy

Dream or reality? Eat chocolate again, for studies show that ingredients found in chocolate can reduce heart disease risk factor.

Fast way to make youre dream a reality

Goals, goals and more goals! Have realistic goals and doing everything in your power to achieve them is the sure fast way to make your dream a reality.

Is winning the lottery a goal?

Just set yourself for failure if you don’t set goals when playing the lottery. Kickoff your lottery career with a sustainable winning goal…=>

Learn algorithms

Medium and hard coding problems and how to solve them…=>

Numerical coding for nominal data… =>

Oriental design

Pick the top oriental design for your home to suit your needs…=>

Quote for an oriental rug… =>

Rearrange the furniture in your house to better utilize the space available… =>

Space-saving furniture for small apartments

The best space-saving furniture from designers all over the world! Under stairs storage, above bed bookcases, vanities hanging from the ceiling, even hidden bathtubs…=>

Vanities hanging from the ceiling?

Where to best position the light over a vanity. Xenorf Richards swears on the method “Th… =>

Young designers and architects

Zeta Johnsons wins “The best design” of the year award, three years in a row. Asked what helped her to make her dream a reality, she said “Hard work and a tad bit of creativity.”

Best way to improve your creativity

Creativity can be dramatically improved if you follow the next 9 steps presented to you. Do you want to dream Unicorns and smell the faint dust of stars? Everyone has the possibility to reach their full creative potential, if only they would separate their fear from their mind… =>

Full creative potential?

Guaranteed ways to unlock your potential.

How to replace the lock on a door

In case the lock on your door broke and you need to change it, you first need to know what type of lock your door has.

Just how many types of luck are there?

Key fact in influencing your luck is two know how many types there are in the first place. Long ago, it has been discovered that there are four types of luck in total, both random and capable of being influenced.

Music to listen while meditating

Nature music you can listen to when meditating to open your chakras.

Open chackras?

Possible ways to open your chakras include meditation, being happy and yourself. Quote away your problems for the day and learn just how to open your chakras for better luck and state of mind.

Rituals that would help with bad luck

Stars have perfectly aligned this month to better facilitate the energy waves to reach the Earth, creating the perfect time for better luck rituals, or even love rituals.

Tested way to find love =>

Verified method that works 100% of the time! =>

When should one expect love to come? => =>

Young and available around me

Zip Code searcher =>

Am I attractive?

Because you are worth it no matter what you think of yourself! =>

Combined perks and personality traits that make one attractive =>

Don’t fret! There is not one single person that can call himself … =>

Every day can be better if you consider yourself better… =>

Fret meaning

gradually wear away (something) by rubbing.

Final Word Count: 800 (I guess I wasn’t that much out of shape)

I really liked writing this one, a fun little experimental writing. I have to mention a few things about it though. First of all, there are and should be a few spelling mistakes in the search sentences. I wanted it to be like that because I find that, most times, no one really pays attention to how they spell the words in that search bar. I know for sure I have seen the “Did you mean [x]…” so many times in my life.

Second, I wanted it to be random, jumping from one topic to the other, but always slightly connected. The one searching always finds something new to search from what the answers were, or simply remembers something he needed to search for when he read a certain word.

Now, I will be back on the old schedule, no hiatus in sight, so here are the requirements for next week:

Tuesday: 20.10.2020

o Every sentence must include one word from the previous sentence, but that is the only word of it that it can contain;

o Explore the use of either an avatar who reveals a lot about you or the use of a second person which is partway between a commanding voice and a confessional memoir;

o Word limit 300.

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